During my first session with Candace, we discussed the bruising that I had on my arms.  The least bump would cause a huge, blood-like splotch on my skin.  In fact, I was turned away from a blood donation because the technician thought I had a blood infection.  The real problem:  Lisinopril.  Once I weaned off my blood pressure meds and began the recommended herbal supplements, the bruising stopped and my blood pressure remained in normal range.
Ken Wagner Contractor

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Dr. Candace Booth

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach
Life Coach

Dr. Candace Booth is a natural health counselor skilled in teaching how the power of thought drives both health and disease. She assists in the facilitation of change by encouraging both individuals and groups to assume more SELF responsibility in their life process. She does this by guiding and supplying clients with learning TOOLS which can be applied to everyday life experiences while understanding the power of intention in creating both process and end result.

Motivated by a profound desire to empower her clients, Candace brings myriad areas of knowledge, experience and expertise to assist her work. Tempering honesty with the utmost compassion, Candace focuses on leading the client to realize their optimal, physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

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