"If you only perceive what you know, how can you perceive anything new?"

  Candace Booth

       ND, PhD, CNC, SHC

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach



                Life Coach

Candace is a natural health counselor skilled in teaching how the power of thought drives both health and disease.  She assists in the facilitation of change by encouraging both individuals and groups to assume more SELF responsibility in their life process. She does this by guiding and supplying clients with learning TOOLS which can be applied to everyday life experiences while understanding the power of intention in creating both process and end result.  Motivated by a profound desire to empower her clients, Candace brings myriad areas of knowledge, experience and expertise to assist her work. Tempering honesty with the utmost compassion, Candace focuses on leading the client to realize their optimal, physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

Some of these TOOLs include the following:



> Creating awareness

> Recognizing potential (expressing genius)

> Philosophy of Life

> Facing fear, obstacles, resistance

 (denial, victim mentality)

> Surrender to the power of NOW

(Building present time awareness)

> Brain vs Heart Influence

> Process (journey) vs End Result

> Risk vs Change

> Wants vs Needs


> Intuition vs Interference

> Ego vs Spirituality

> Values & Beliefs (Perceptions)

> Mission, Purpose, Passion

> SELF respect & SELF love

> Success & Achievements

> Important Questions

> Creating a “New Model of ME”

> Energy & Vibration

> Art of Allowing


 > Tuning the body

> Spiritual Liberation

> Giving vs Receiving

> Duality of Love

> Forgiveness

> The power of YES

> Power vs Force

> Atittude vs. Behavior

> Whole food nutrition & Supplements

> Components of Fitness





        With 35 years experience in the fields of health, fitness and nutrition, Candace aids those interested in finding the cause of disease imbalance and increasing well-being with the use of natural healing remedies.

           Candace holds a BS, MS, ND, (Doctor of Naturopathy) and a PhD in nutrition. She is board certified with the American Naturopathic Medical Board and a member of the Association for Nutritional Consultants. She is also a licensed Spiritual Health Coach.  She has a private consulting practice in Tavares, Florida. 

          A first time consultation will include a thorough health history, a lifestyle analysis, a detailed nutritional workout and knowledge about supplements available to support your health and fitness goals.

          As a client you have a vital role in the healing process as encompassed by four words:  responsibility, knowledge, participation and practice.  You can decide both the direction and your commitment to the process.  This entails a willingness to expand your knowledge of your own body and of the many avenues available to it for achieving greater balance mentally, emotionally and physically.  Candace is a good coach in guiding you through the labyrinth of alternative approaches to healing.

          Candace and her son, Max Wettstein just published a book entitled:  How Much Fat Are You Carrying?  The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide for People Who Are Sick of Diets, which is available for purchase on Amazon.com or directly from CandaceMax is a nationally ranked fitness model, trainer & holistic health advocate.  Direct Link:  Order Book via Amazon.com 'How Much Fat Are YOU Carrying?'

 You may contact her for an appointment at 352-742-2966.




Candace's Qualifications

Coach in Natural Health:

 Candace works individually with clients and conducts classes, training sessions and seminars on various aspects of natural health. She maintains an active practice in Tavares, Florida and provides integrative medical consultations for the InterCommunityCancer Centers patients and River of Life Osteopathic patients.


 Candace specializes in working closely with medical and mental health professionals to supplement the programs of clients on prescribed medications. She believes that traditional and alternative medicine can be combined to effectively maintain optimum health and mental acuity.  In addition, Candace has had tremendous success in assisting clients who wish to undertake a program of herbal remedies in place of prescribed medications. To that end, she develops relationships with members of the medical community to achieve the best possible results for her clients.


Candace is actively involved in sharing her knowledge and experience with clients, charitable organizations and the medical community. She publishes occasional health related articles in local periodicals and newsletters.  She conducts regular workshops, seminars and herbal training programs for her clients.

Candace and her son, Max Wettstein (a well known Fitness Model and Captain with JetBlue Airlines) have published a  book entitled:  HOW MUCH FAT ARE YOUR CARRYING? – The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide For People Who Are Sick of Diets.

She has also co-authored two books, “Discovering Your Inner Power – A Workbook for the Warrior Within”, and “Tough/Nice – A Manager’s Guide To High Performance.


§  The American Association of Nutritional Consultants – Certified Nutritional Consultant

§  Clayton College – Bachelor’s Degree, Master of Science, Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) and Doctorate of Philosophy (with high honors) in Nutrition.

§  Florida State University – Physical Education

§  Valencia Community College – Associate in Arts

§  International Correspondence Schools – degrees in Medical Terminology and Journalism

§  Graduate of Success Motivation Institute

§  Completed all coursework with the American College of Sports Medicine

§  Licensed Spiritual Health Coach

List of Services


Candace Booth

  List of Services








Get-Fit Questionnaire

Covers the patient’s complete health history



Body Systems Analysis

Covers symptoms of the nine body systems and helps target the body systems most in need of attention




Nutritional Analysis

Detailed discussion of patient’s eating habits as well as foods with suggestions for dietary improvement. Also a discussion of the gastrointestinal system



Blood Lab Analysis

We discuss factors that are tagged as high or low on the patient’s most recent blood lab results along with solutions for correcting any deviations.



Depleted Brain Chemistry Analysis

The idea is to stop food cravings and address eating disorders and weight problems, eliminate mood swings and negative obsessions



Hypo/Hyperglycemia Analysis & Understanding Type II Diabetes

Covers patient problems with blood sugar swings during the day due to poor or unbalanced eating habits and insulin malfunctions.



Weight Loss/Body Composition Analysis

Discussion covers the six most common weight loss road-blocks along with solutions to improve lean-body mass.





Candida/Yeast Analysis

Covers patient symptoms caused by an overgrowth of yeast along with a suggested program for detoxing the body, rebalancing the friendly “flora” in the intestinal tract and program of nutrition.



Thyroid Appraisal Analysis

A discussion of symptoms patient may be exhibiting of sluggish or overactive thyroid; temperature test; and natural solutions for rebalancing.





Adrenal Fatigue /Exhaustion  Analysis

Includes a discussion of symptoms of ‘burnout”; the body’s physiological and psychological responses to stress; foods and supplements to rebalance the adrenal glands






Hypertension Analysis

High blood pressure is an immediate concern that needs to be addressed. We discuss causes as well as solutions. 





Endocrine Glands and Hormone Analysis

This form is completed ahead of time and then we go over the results and discuss symptoms as well as solutions






Blood Type and Food Analysis

Patient should know their blood type to benefit from this information – will learn the impact different foods have on different blood types and disease imbalance




Detoxing & Cleansing Organs & Tissues Information

None of the nine body elimination systems can work efficiently without the removal of toxic waste build.  We discuss the many and varied methods and safety for a good detox program






Parasite analysis

One out of four people will know a parasite in their lifetimes. Parasitic infections cause a host of problems and can even affect mental health disorders.






Exercise Basics and Suggested Daily Exercise Chart workup

Exercise is a critical part of achieving and maintaining fitness and health.  Everyone, no matter the limitation, can do SOMETHING to enhance joint and muscle function.







Incorporating natural remedies  on a daily basis along with integrating them with RX drugs.

Supplements are a necessary part of a dietary program for maintaining overall health and fitness as well as aiding in eliminating and healing the body/mind from disease imbalance.








Biochemical Analysis (to be taken ahead of time of the consultation)

An excellent indicator for determining your dominant/deficient nature of the 4 neurotransmitters;  GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine & Acetylcholine--

Quantum Energy Analysis (Biofeedback)

Measures the level of stress in the body systems, organs  and tissues at an electromagnetic level. Measures toxicity all the way down to the cellular level—compares and provides feedback on 9, 500 compounds in the test matrix.  Works on physical, mental and emotional levels.



Brain Health

Foods and supplements specific to maximizing brain function as well as understanding foods and chemicals which destroy brain cells.


Food Allergies


An immune system antibody response  to a certain food, enzyme depleted foods, processed foods, undigested fats and proteins—the release of chemicals that cause a reaction.






ADD/ADHD  -- Disorders

Brain depletion of certain nutrients and over stimulation of sugary and simple carbohydrate foods play a huge role in these two disorders having a dramatic effect on behavior







Inflammation is the number one factor in creating and driving almost all disease in the body including cancer, digestive disorders, food absorption, blood chemistry. We need to have alkaline blood to stay healthy.



Muscle Testing


Applied Kinesiology-  using the energy of the body to determine what makes it feel stronger or weaker. A methodology for testing foods, supplements and or thoughts to demonstrate positive or negative force on the immune response.




Spiritual Health Consultation 



(Candace holds a Spiritual Health Coaching License)

The mind drives the body – all cells have intelligence – the immune system responds to thought – An opportunity for  patients who want to explore the role of spirituality in the mind/body connection











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